AWS CI/CD Workshop


AWS CI/CD Workshop

This workshop illustrates how you can leverage the AWS developer tools to implement Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) for your application.

You begin by deploying a web-based development environment using the AWS Cloud9 service. This allows you to focus on CI/CD practices without needing a local development environment.

You proceed to deploy a simple network in the AWS cloud using the Cloud Development Kit (CDK). The CDK application deploys EC2 instances to support two different deployment environments. The workshop provides the CDK application so that you can focus on the goal of implementing CI/CD.

With the prerequisites complete, you will start building a pipeline by creating a source code repository using CodeCommit to store the simple Java web application you will use for testing. You will next learn to use CodeBuild to build the Java application source code into a deployable web archive. You will use CodeDeploy to deploy the sample application and, finally, CodePipeline to automate the release process from source code all the way to deployment. You’ll configure these services yourself, as opposed to deploying a template, so that you can maximize your learning.

Your final architecture will look like the following:


Your pipeline will look like this:


Select the arrow on the right edge of the screen to get started.